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S16 DualFlex

Professional Outdoor Dual Lens Camera

The compact DualFlex is a universally deployable, easy concealable video system with a highly detailed resolution of up to 2 x 6 megapixels. The fully weatherproof IP camera has two miniature sensor modules, which are each connected to the camera housing with a sensor cable. Thanks to the hemispheric dual lens, two separate rooms can be secured simultaneously without any blind spots.


• High-Performance Dual Lens Camera for Hidden Installation
Simultaneous covering of two areas with up to 3 m long sensor cables

• Maximum Flexibility Thanks to Modular System
Huge offer of compatible sensor modules (Day, Night, Night LPF, Thermal)

• Powerful, Intelligent and Flexible Mx6 System Platform
Simultaneous streaming of up to three video codecs (MxPEG, MJPEG and H.264)

• Intelligent 3D Motion Detection
MxActivitySensor integrated as standard

• Reduced Energy Costs
Power consumption < 7 W, standard PoE

• Virtually Maintenance-Free
Weatherproof, IP66, -30 to 60°C


• S16 DualFlex : Flexible and modular system: The S16 camera module (Body) Mx-S16A can be fitted with one or two sensor modules free of choice(day/night/thermal). MOBOTIX sensor cables are available with a length from 0.5 to 3 m. Additionally MOBOTIX offers three different S16 Complete Sets(Mx-S16A-S1, Mx-S16A-S2, Mx-S16A-S3) with one or two hemispheric sensor modules and 2 m (6.6 ft) long sensor cables.

• Sensor Module with Fisheye lens : B016 (180° x 180°)
• Sensor module with Ultra Wide Lens : B036 (103° x 77°)
• Sensor module with Super Wide Lens : B041 (90° x 67°)
• Sensor module with Wide Lens : B061 (60° x 45°)
• Sensor module with Standard Lens : B079 (45° x 34°)
• Sensor module with Tele Lens : B119 (31° x 23°)
• Sensor module with Distant Tele Lens : B237 (15° x 11°)
• Sensor module with Super-Tele Lens : B500 (8° x 6°)

• Thermal Sensor Module with metal housing, lens : T079 (45° x 32°)
• Thermal Sensor Module with metal housing, lens : T119 (25° x 19°)
• Thermal Sensor Module with metal housing, lens : T237 (17° x 13°)

• Thermal Sensor Module TR with metal housing, lens : R079 (45° x 32°)
• Thermal Sensor Module TR with metal housing, lens : R119 (25° x 19°)
• Thermal Sensor Module TR with metal housing, lens : R237 (17° x 13°)

• Light sensitivity in lux at 1/60 s and 1/1 s : Day sensor (Color): 0.1/0.005 lux, Night sensor (B/W): 0.02/0.001 lux
• Thermal sensor modules : NETD typ. 50 mK, < 79 mK, IR range 7,5 to 13,5 μm
• Temperature measuring range for thermal : 40 to 550 °C sensor modules
• Optical image sensor (color or B/W sensor) : 1/1.8“ CMOS, 6MP (3072 x 2048), Progressive Scan
• Microprocessor : i.MX 6 Dual Core incl. GPU (1 GB RAM, 512 MB Flash)
• H.264 Hardware Codec : Yes, bandwidth limitation available; output image format up to QXGA
• Protection class S16 camera module (body) : IP66 and IK06
• Protection class S16 with 6MP sensor modules : IP66 with all modules incl. Thermal; IK04 with B036 to B237; IK07 with B016; BlockFlexMount: IP30/no IK class
• Intended use : Not for use in hazardous areas (Ex area)
• Ambient temperature (range, incl. storage) : -30 to 60°C; BlockFlexMount: 0 to 50°C
• Internal DVR, ex works : 4 GB (microSD)
• Microphone : Part of sensor module/BlockFlexMount (not part of sensor modules with CS-Mount or B500 super tele lens) or with accessory (e.g., ExtIO or AudioMount)
• Technical data for external microphone : 2,0 V, 2,2 kOhm, sensitivity –35 ± 4 dB, e. g., Panasonic Microphone Capsule WM61
• Speaker : With accessory (e.g., SpeakerMount)
• Technical data for external speaker : Max. power output 400 mW at 8 Ohm impedance, e. g., Visaton Speaker K36WP or K50WP
• 16bit/16kHz HD wideband audio (Opus codec) : Yes (live and audio messages)
• Passive infrared sensor (PIR) : No
• Temperature sensors/shock detector (tamper detection) : Yes/Yes (with future software update)
• Power consumption : < 7 Watts
• Power consumption with one/two thermal : Typically 1.5 W per thermal sensor module; however, can only be used together with an S16 body:
sensor module(s) – Mixed operation (1x thermal, 1x optical): typically 6.5 W (7.5 W possible over the short term)
– Dual thermal operation (2x thermal): typically 7 W (8 W possible over the short term)
– Single thermal operation (1x thermal): typically 5.5 W (6.5 W possible over the short term)
• PoE Class (IEEE 802.3af) : Class 2 or 3 (variable), factory setting: class 3; S16 with thermal sensor always requires class 3
• Interfaces Ethernet 100BaseT/MxBus/USB : Yes (MxRJ45 and LSA+ rail)/No/Yes
• Interfaces external microphone/speaker : Yes/Yes
• Interface RS232 : With accessory (MX-232-IO-Box)
• Mounting options : Wall, ceiling, hidden installation; extensive selection of mounting accessories available
• Dimensions Mx-S16A (height x width x depth) : 130 x 115 x 33 mm
• Weight Mx-S16A : 430 g
• Housing Mx-S16A : PBT-30GF, color: white
• Housing thermal sensor modules (not PTMount) : Module housing: black anodised aluminum, Pressure plate: V2A stainless steel Lens and protective glass lens: germanium
• Standard accessory Mx-S16A : Screws, Dowels, Allen wrench, Module key, Cable strap, 0.5 m Ethernet patch cable, Quick install
• MTBF : > 80,000 hours
• Certifications : EN55022:2010; EN55024:2010; EN50121-4:2006; EN61000-6-1:2007; EN 61000-6-2:2005
EN61000-6-3:2007+A1:2011; EN61000-6-4:2007+A1:2011; AS/ NZS CISPR22:2009+A1:2010, CFR47 FCC part15B
• Protocols : IPv4, IPv6, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, RTP, RTSP, UDP, SNMP, SMTP, DHCP (client and server),
NTP (client and server), SIP (client and server) G.711 (PCMA and PCMU) and G.722

• Available video codecs : MxPEG/MJPEG/H.264
• Image formats : Freely configurable format 4:3, 8:3, 16:9 or customised format (Image Cropping), such as 2592×1944 (5MP), 2048×1536 (QXGA), 1920×1080 (Full-HD), 1280×960 (MEGA)
• Multistreaming : Yes
• Multicast stream via RTSP : Yes
• Max. image format optical sensor modules : 2x 6MP (6144 x 2048)
(dual image from both sensors)
• Max. image format thermal sensor module : 336 x 252, scalable up to 3072 x 2048 (6MP)
• Max. frame rate thermal sensor or thermal + : 9 frames per second (fps)
optical sensor module
• Max. frame rate optical sensor module : MxPEG: 42@HD(1280×720), 34@Full-HD, 24@QXGA, 15@5MP, 12@6MP, 6@2x 6MP
(fps, only single core used) MJPEG: 26@HD(1280×720), 13@Full-HD, 9@QXGA, 5@5MP, 4@6MP, 2@2x 6MP
H.264: 25@Full-HD, 20@QXGA
• Number of images with 4 GB microSD (internal DVR) : CIF: 250,000, VGA: 125,000, HD: 40,000, QXGA: 20,000, 6MP: 10,000

• Temperature measurement of 2×2 pixels in the center of the image (Thermal Spot) : Only with thermal sensor module (incl. TR)
• TR temperature measurement in the whole image area : Only with thermal sensor module TR
• Event trigger for temperatures above or below a limit between -40 to 550°C : Only with thermal sensor module (incl. TR)
• Digital zoom and pan : Yes
• ONVIF compatibility : Yes, complete ONVIF Profile S supported by future software update
• Genetec protocol integration : Yes
• Programmable exposure zones : Yes
• Snapshot recording (pre/post-alarm images) : Yes
• Continuous recording with audio : Yes
• Event recording with audio : Yes
• Time controlled flexible event logic : Yes
• Weekly schedules for recordings and actions : Yes
• Event video and image transfer via FTP & email : Yes
• Playback and Quad View via web browser : Yes
• Bidirectional audio in browser : Yes
• Animated logos on the image : Yes
• Master/Slave functionality : Yes
• Privacy zone scheduling : Yes
• Customised voice messages : Yes
• VoIP telephony (audio/video, alert) : Yes
• Remote alarm notification (network message) : Yes
• Programming interface (HTTP-API) : Yes
• DVR : Inside camera via microSD card, Externally via USB device & NAS, Different streams for live image and recording,
MxFFS with archive function, Pre-alarm and post-alarm images, Monitoring recording with failure reporting
• Camera and data security : User and group management, SSL connections, IP-based access control, IEEE802.1x, Intrusion detection,
Digital image signature
• MxMessageSystem : Yes (Sending and receiving of MxMessages)

• Video motion sensor : Yes
• MxActivitySensor : Yes

• MxManagementCenter : Yes
• Mobile MOBOTIX App : Yes

Note: Cameras with thermographic image sensors (“thermographic cameras”) are subject to special U.S. and ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation) export regulations


• Amongst the most efficient and high quality images available over IP when used with wireless services.
• Energy efficiency and Environmentally responsibly designed with full lifecycle program for returning to manufacture if no longer required.
• Is built with the highest of German engineering standards, designed to be able to withstand the extremes of the Australian Environment.
• Lifetime free firmware and software upgrades.
• Camera of choice for many Australian government and law enforcement agencies.
• World leading optics and no mechanical moving parts, designed to last.
• All inclusive cost with inbuilt storage and world class software management suite making it the best value for money longterm.