Jonsa Australia


Jonsa Ellis has several systems distributed around Australia used for the downlink and redistribution of PayTV Satellite Services.

These systems have been designed for remote support and monitoring. An issue existed with the units in that if there was ever a transmission fault, then the units could end up generating over 4GBytes of data in half a day. The problem is with the manufactures code in these boxes used, imagine over a thousand sites going down across the country during a Solar Outage (happens twice a year), that is potentially several terabytes of alarming data hitting the central monitoring.

Rising connection came in by invitation to look at a possible solution to the monitoring, considering most of these units were installed in remote locations.


This image shows the types of system to be monitored and remotely supported, a professional headend TDT and FTA bundled together can both be monitored and administered to keep systems up-to-date with changes in transponder performance & behaviour.

Note: this image does not show the networking solutions used, the SPAUN BluBox required four physical network connections. The SPAUN BluBox is a Transparent Digital Transmodulator (DBV-S into QAM)


Each installation person used to arrange (if any) their own monitoring and network connection, this resulted in a mixture of differing technologies and installers having to workout complex IT issues to be able to support the equipment.


With the Rising Connection supplied Plug & Play prebuilt packaged services and devices the installers are now able have the clients systems networked and offer improved support for the remote sites.


To allow for better data usage and centralised equipment monitoring, Rising Connection built and operated a secure and private network, allowing for the downlink equipment to have faults captured and the data made available for further processing, the solution allows for a standardised common technology platform that can be shipped out to sites.


With the improved signal gain, better signal processing equipment, a more stable and reliable connection available, Barden Produce has been able to be more reliable on their regional communication systems.

The improvements also allowed Barden Produce to work with Telstra in discovering local deficiencies in one of the nearby Cellular towers.


“Three things that stood out for me are as follows:
1. Diligence – You worked extremely hard to find and sort a solution for our BLUBOX control software
2. Service – Your customer service and willingness to go the extra mile to assist us was certainly appreciated
3. Experience – Your experience and reporting was of the highest quality, also your enthusiasm to assist us was also admired” Simon Booth (Product Manager).

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