Barden Produce


Stabilise & improve the remote site networking services used for day to day operations.

Barden Produce had previously had a reliance copper line services at their regional sites, though when these went faulty beyond repair, the carrier (Telstra) supplied a 3G desktop solution. This proved to be problematic with dropouts & slow speeds. The carrier having reached its limits of what it was able to do then recommended that the NSW General Manager of Barden Produce contact Rising Connection for assistance.

Rising Connection discovered the desktop unit was an entry level device; it was running in a tin shed office next to a window. The device only just showed enough signal strength to get 3G. The location of the device was positioned facing away from the nearest tower; the nearest cellular tower being about 2.5km away.


Received Signal
Received Signal Code : -91dBm
Power (RSCP)


after received signal
Received Signal Code : -71dBm
Power (RSCP)


Rising Connection was initially only approached to supply antennas to add to the installation, though after discovering more about the installation it was evident a full solution with a combination of a new commercial grade 3G MIMO Cellular Router with matching Antennas installed outdoors up at the roof would better suit the commercial dependencies.


With the improved signal gain, better signal processing equipment, a more stable and reliable connection available, Barden Produce has been able to be more reliable on their regional communication systems.

The improvements also allowed Barden Produce to work with Telstra in discovering local deficiencies in one of the nearby Cellular towers.


“Rising connection came in with an end to end solution, giving us the time and support we needed, the solution has given us the commercial confidence to know we are equipped to deliver the requirements of our customers on time”
Allan Dall (NSW General Manager).

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