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Peplink’s patented SpeedFusion technology powers enterprise VPNs that tap into the bandwidth of up to 13 low-cost cable, DSL, 3G/4G/LTE, and other links connected anywhere on your corporate or institutional WAN. Whether you’re transferring a few documents or driving real-time POS data, video feeds, and VoIP conversations, SpeedFusion pumps all your data down a single bonded data-pipe that’s budget-friendly, ultra-fast, and easily configurable to suit any networking environment.

SpeedFusion Technologies

We have developed three technologies with SpeedFusion designed to address specific networking problems. Click the tiles below to learn more:

WAN Down?

High Packet Loss?

Slow Connection?

Hot Failover

In the event of a WAN disconnection, Hot failover will transfer your traffic to another connection while maintaining session persistence. That is, if a WAN connection breaks during a videoconference, the videoconference can still continue without having to hang up or call again.

WAN Smoothing

WAN Smoothing utilises intelligent algorithms to fill in connectivity gaps, trading bandwidth for greater connection resiliency. WAN Smoothing minimises latency and reduces the impact of packet loss. This is useful for times when you need connection reliability and responsiveness more than speed. Learn more.

Bandwidth Bonding

Bandwidth bonding combines data at the packet level, enabling you to combine the speed of up to 13 connections. This is useful for situations where bandwidth is scarce, such as at a remote site, or in a moving vehicle. This technology also enables branch offices to connect to the head office at greater connection speeds. Learn more.

Quick and Easy Configuration on InControl2

InControl 2 provides you with a graphical PepVPN configuration tool that enables you to build hundred-site SpeedFusion networks with ease. What would have taken hours can now only take minutes!

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The team at Rising Connection went to amazing lengths to help understand the challenges and find a solution for us to use, we look forward to an ongoing relationship as we grow

Hugh & Sean

Off Grid Energy Australia

Rising connection came in with an end to end solution, giving us the time and support we needed, the solution has given us the commercial confidence to know we are equipped to deliver the requirements of our customers on time

Allan Dall

NSW General Manager, Barden Produce

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