Tomizone Lightswitch


Beautiful real-time dashboards that let you manage access, authentication, accounting, and security at your WiFi Zone.

Product Brochure

Our Lightswitch Platform is the best way to lay the solid foundation for Wireless network access control. With plug and play hardware options to enable any WiFi network, you can have the easiest to use Free or Paid WiFi network service up and running in no time.

The Lightswitch account has a beautiful real time dashboard that manages your single or multiple WiFi networks in a snap. Anyone can get Lightswitch working on a WiFi network and provide the instant access control for all WiFi devices in no time using our Concierge series of gateway solutions.

Our Concierge hardware options offer a plug and play experience to retrofit your existing WiFi network that channels your users to the Lightswitch. Charge any price for paid services or give popular free access options.

An elegant clean and simple portal page that every WiFi device can connect to means your customers will experience a fast and modern WiFi connection.

Use our proven generic themes or choose a template to customise the WiFi experience to your brand. The Lightswitch delivers the cleanest look for a stunning consumer experience on your WiFi network.

User management is a cinch with awesome dashboard presentation widgets which will show you what is happening on your network. Manage access our let Lightswitch perform the automatic user management and authentication process.

See real time feedback on uptime and throughput for network status, hotspot uptime or access point status. These dashboard widgets give you the ultimate view and control of your network.

Our suite of real-time reporting means you can analyse user and network metrics easily. Find out who, what, where, when and how your users have consumed WiFi.

User reporting gives you clarity of who was online, repeat customer analytics with access method of paid or free usage metrics.

Get visibility of data, time and content consumption to help you fill in the profile of your users. See Advertising analytics for programmes that deploy the Tomizone Advertising Platform within the network. Gauge popularity of your networks with crisp reports on where consumption occurred.

• Proven across many sites from small shops to large busy airports.
• Constantly evolving to meet changing technology and markets.
• Offers a selection of both hardware and software based solutions.
• Designed to be open to integrating with all vendors of WAPs and Service Providers.
• Technically supported worldwide and locally for Australia from the Head Office in New Zealand.
• Empowers business to make their Wi-Fi and public access networks financially manageable.