St Mary’s Cathedral


In 2005 the Cathedral had installed an advanced facility control system for administering and controlling the lighting, sound and video of the Cathedral.

During 2012, many of the systems had experienced intermittent faults and were not responding to the requests from the various touch screens used to operate the facility.

The only way to diagnose the issues was to physical bring specialists into the facility and walk around attempting to isolate the fault.


Rising Connection was brought onboard in November 2012 to help the Support Integrator in finding a more reliable and advanced way to support the systems and locate faults.  Rising Connection supplied a digitally encrypted VPN with security certificates and keys to be used allowing a quality support and monitoring solution for the facilities systems to be accomplished.  It allowed for offsite system wide diagnostics and analysis by experts and for fixes to be applied in a quick way.

The solution also assisted in the locating and isolation of several faults.  The System Integrator was able to with the solution supplied by Rising Connection, be able to ensure that the events planned for Christmas would proceed with minimal interruption due to the aging equipment.


All planned events continued reliably during the festive season.  Additional issues have been able to be identified and a support plan for these moving forward has been able to be developed.


“We were impressed with the ability to received remote support for our AV systems without any need to use our own IT people in setting this up.”

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