Punchbowl Rental Property


The site was having issues with suspected unauthorised people utilising the property between tenants while property repairs were being done.  The incoming tenant was concerned about this unauthorised use of the property.

The Landlord had to get the local police involved to secure the property.  It was realised that a working deterrent and protection system needed to be installed.  Monitoring of this system, though, was to be a challenge as there were no active copper lines to use for an internet connection and the solution would need to be able to be operated independently of the incoming tenants services phone.


Rising Connection assisted the Landlord and their integrator to supply an independent 3G solution giving access to newly installed Video Security Cameras and monitoring of the associated equipment from the onsite recoding, router condition and power.  The Landlord chose to have the system protected by UPS.


Both the landlord and the tenant have had no further issues with the unwelcome visitors to the site.  The perimeter of the site can be monitored by both the Landlord and the tenant remotely with the use of a web browser or mobile phone.
The integrator has been given the ability on behalf of the Landlord to adjust the setting to the router and the Video Cameras so as to maintain optimal performance and anticipate routine maintenance requirement, thus reducing the amount of supporting site visits required and keeping ongoing cost to a minimum.


“We have been impressed with how easy it was to get the images as required from the site on our computer.  We are happy that the tenant also feels that the system gives better security than just an alarm system.”

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