Oven Fresh Bakery


Anh & Nhan’s Oven Fresh Bakery have staff working at all sorts of hours. To help protect both the staff and the business, a video surveillance system had been installed though could not connect remotely for monitoring.

The challenge was to supply remote access via an independent system from copper lines for video surveillance and security that allowed access for both the integrator to support the hardware and the customer to access real-time footage of things happening at the shop.


Rising Connection worked closely with both the proprietor and the integrator to optimise the solution.  The existing Video Surveillance system was replaced to allow for support of video over IP and a new 3G Router was commissioned.  In addition, due to the site suffering regular power fluctuations, the entire system was protected via a UPS to ensure reliable performance.


The Proprietor has constant access to the premises to help look after the staff and shop, ensuring that the customers will be getting the best service possible.


“We were amazed while traveling overseas when we, on the off chance, decided to have a look on our mobile phone at the activities within the shop.  We were able to immediately pick a potential customer service issue and resolve this before it became a challenge.  Our staff, too, were very surprised that we were able to help them in this way.”

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