Envision AV


To allow support of modern integrated AV systems with secured offsite access.

An as Integrator of professional AV cooperate systems, Envision AV places customer satisfaction and support as integral maintaining the happy customers.

Envision AV often needs to support clients where there is a system installed with a closed network (physically isolated from the clients LAN). It is normally difficult to get the client to setup access to this network or establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


Rising Connection have been able to prove with Envision AV that it is possible to connect using specialised hardware and systems to the previously isolated equipment. The systems allow for a digitally encrypted VPN with security certificates and keys to be used allowing a quality support and monitoring of the facilities systems to be accomplished.


Envision AV’s end client is receiving a quicker and more proactive response to the sytems that have been integrated with Rising Connection.


“We were amazed at how easily systems and technology from Rising Connection integrated with our client systems.  The outcome has given us a market edge in the ability to remotely support the customers equipment and delivers for our clients a better proactive and real-time support service experience.”

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