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Maintaining business productivity by reserving and prioritising internet data for business-critical tasks.


  • Limited to no mobile coverage or fixed phone line
  • Cost of deploying infrastructure in remote locations.
  • Retaining enough internet data for business-critical online
  • Family, employee and visitor isolation.


  • Reliable, affordable communication solution to any
    Australian location.
  • Internet data reserved and prioritised for business-critical online tasks, by separating business from personal use.
  • Employee and visitor Pay As You Go Public WiFi options.
  • WiFi calling and/or IOT capability.
  • Easy DIY set-up, including ability to extend WiFi coverage.
  • Improved employee wellbeing and retention.

The affordable new solution for maintaining business productivity

Our next-generation Activ8me Business Hub offers your remote business a smarter, more affordable way to manage your data and networks. This one simple plug-and-play internet router replaces the need for multiple router devices in small office/home space. Plus, if you need to extend the WiFi coverage, we offer Activ8me Do It Yourself (DIY) antenna kits, containing full installation instructions. The Activ8me Business Hub is one more way we can offer your business a quality, cost effective end to end service from design and connection through to maintenance, support and remote monitoring.



Single device

Enjoy multiple internet connections through one device

Split business/private use

Manage your networks into business, public and private use

Simple plan

One plan and one monthly invoice to keep things simple

Public WiFi access

Provide public WiFi for staff, guests or visitors

Easy to use

A user friendly plug and play set-up

Outdoor WiFi

Capability to extend WiFi coverage
Why does Rising Connection recommends and collaborates with Activ8me (a subsidiary of APN), working with them as Partners in supplying remote NBN connectivity.

• With over 15 years’ experience, Activ8me is a progressive organisation that continually aims to solve remote communication hurdles.
• Australia’s largest NBN™ satellite broadband provider
• Remote and rural NBN™ expert
• Prioritised Australian Customer Care team
• Dedicated R&D team solving communication challenges
• 100% Australian owned and operated
• ISO Certified

This demonstrates to Rising Connection that you will have the Quality, Reliability and Product Support.

The team at Rising Connection went to amazing lengths to help understand the challenges and find a solution for us to use, we look forward to an ongoing relationship as we grow

Hugh & Sean

Off Grid Energy Australia

Rising connection came in with an end to end solution, giving us the time and support we needed, the solution has given us the commercial confidence to know we are equipped to deliver the requirements of our customers on time

Allan Dall

NSW General Manager, Barden Produce